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Preschool Learning Areas

To meet the needs of preschool professionals we prioritize five learning areas. All our LEGO® Education Preschool resources can of course be mixed and matched, but with the bridge below we aim to illustrate how a child could logically progress through the learning areas. The bridge also helps to embed the idea of LEGO Education Preschool being a bridge to formal schooling.

There are three clear layers in the bridge:

Creative Exploration at the bottom;
• Social skills (Social & Emotional Development plus Understanding the World) in the middle; 
• Subjects (Early Math & Science plus Early Language & Literacy) at the top.

This illustrates our focus on building creative and life skills in general as well as academic skills. The approach to learning in the preschool segment differs between countries. The fact that our resources are all suitable for both free play and more guided learning, and that our portfolio is under continuous development, ensures there are plenty of LEGO Education Preschool resources to choose from, whichever approach a preschool professional may take.

Lego Duplo Brick Part 1
Lego Duplo Brick Part 2
Lego Duplo Brick Part 3 Lego Duplo Brick Part 4
Lego Duplo Brick Part 5 Lego Duplo Brick Part 6