Early Learning

Prepare children for school and life with creative intuitive solutions.

Build Confidence from Early On

Children are born curious and eager to learn. Our Early Learning solutions stimulate children’s natural curiosity while encouraging young children to learn through play.


 STEAM Skills

STEAM Park builds on a child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore, while investigating the world of early science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) through creative play.

 Social Skills

My XL World is designed to develop children`s social skills and deepen their understanding of the world around them through role playing, building activities and idea sharing.

 Emotional Skills

Build Me “Emotions” invites pre-schoolers to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. As children collaborate on a range of character-building experiences, they recognize feelings and identify similarities and differences. Inspirational building cards provide support so children can continue to build and rebuild characters again and again.

 Early Literacy Skills

StoryTales promotes creativity, imaginative storytelling, and language development. Children playing with this unique set will naturally collaborate and develop speaking and listening skills as they build their stories and role-play them out.

 Early Coding Skills

Coding Express is a solution that introduces young learners to early coding and critical 21st century skills, while naturally sparking their curiosity, creativity and desire to explore.

 Early Engineering Skills

Our Tech Machines solution is an engaging set for preschool children who are ready to explore and develop early engineering skills.


Early Learning Is Where It Starts?

Our mission is to help prepare young children for school and life by building their social skills and for them to begin their STEAM journey early on.



Learning STEAM through play

STEAM Park by LEGO® Education builds on everychild’s natural curiosity and desire to create, exploreand investigate. STEAM Park enables preschoolteachers to bring STEAM to life in their classroomwith endless versatility, creativity and lots oflearning through play. On eve... Learn More


Coding Express

Coding Express enables young learners to explore early coding concepts by bringing a classic train set to life with action bricks along with an optional app. This versatile solution helps students develop critical life skills such as confidence, collaboration and creativity in addition to building STEAM literacy.

The Core set... Learn More


My XL World

Real-World Role-Play

Working in groups of 2-10, children use the colorful collection of 480 LEGO® DUPLO® bricks, figures, wheel bases, windows, doors and a building plate to build their home, a restaurant, bus stop, hospital and a fire station. They’ll also discover an airplane, car and even a s... Learn More


Build Their Early Skills

Focus on building your students’ skills with solutions designed to stimulate their curiosity.


Tech Machines

An ideal introduction to science and technology, the set includes four screwdrivers and integrated screws, as well as lots of versatile elements such as reels, hooks and scoops. Tech Machines is designed to develop fine motor skills and for exploring machines and engineering skills. The two inbox activity starter cards and teacher book... Learn More



This engaging and easily managed set promotes creativity and the imaginative telling and retelling of stories. Themed around the Billy Goat Scruff fairytale, it uses 3 base plates that can be used with 5 double sided, story-starter backdrops. These elements can be used to tell a story from start to finish, to pick out key scenes or eve... Learn More


Build Me Emotions

Build Me “Emotions” invites preschoolers to explore emotions and physical characteristics in a fun and engaging way. As children collaborate on a range of character building experiences, they recognize feelings and identify similarities and differences. Building cards provide support and inspiration so children can continue... Learn More


Boost Their Passion for Learning

Add to the fun with special booster sets which give endless opportunities to explore, play and learn.



LEGO® Education Letters lets children play and learn in an alphabet world of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks and inspiring activities.

Featuring English letters in a rainbow of colors, the included inspiration cards and Getting Started activities help children learn the alphabet, recognize and write letters, identify phonemes... Learn More



This Early Learning set comes with 90 LEGO DUPLO® elements, including 40 wild animals, farm animals and pets, plus 4 double-sided building inspiration cards depicting 8 different habitats, to help children learn what animals need to survive and how they differ.

A Getting Started card with 5 activity ideas is also included... Learn More



This 44-piece set includes 26 LEGO DUPLO® figures, ranging from family members, like children, parents and grandparents, to occupations, such as doctor, police officer, chef and teacher.

Accessory elements, like a camera, hairbrush, guitar, suitcase and a wheelchair, encourage children to role-play people-based scenarios ... Learn More


Confidence in STEAM Across the Globe

A recent global confidence poll reveals a gap in STEAM learning, and finds that hands-on learning is critical to boosting confidence.


Supporting Teachers in the Classroom

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