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Science & Technology
Let`s build a future of inquisitive scientists, innovative designers and creative engineers.
LEGO Education brick sets, teacher guides and activity packs provide exciting, hands-on projects for children from 5 to 16+ years.
LEGO Education solutions are particularly relevant to teaching design technology and engineering, physical science, scientific inquiry and mathematics.

You can find spare parts TECHNIC section.



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9689 Simple Machines Set
 9689 Simple Machines Set  64.95€ 
Activity Pack for 9628
 Activity Pack for 9628  51.99€ 
Activity Pack for 9632
 Activity Pack for 9632  61.00€ 
Activity Pack for 9641
 Activity Pack for 9641  68.99€ 
Activity Pack for Renewable Energy Add-on Set
 Activity Pack for Renewable Energy Add-on Set  68.99€ 
Activity Pack for Simple Machines Set
 Activity Pack for Simple Machines Set  64.99€ 
Activity Pack for Structures
 Activity Pack for Structures  42.99€ 
Control Interface (9V)
 Control Interface (9V)  199.95€ 
 E-Motor  22.99€ 
Energy Storage
 Energy Storage  27.99€ 
Green Car Activity Pack
 Green Car Activity Pack  42.99€ 
Introducing Simple & Powered Machines Activity Pack
 Introducing Simple & Powered Machines Activity Pack  118.99€ 
Levers Teacher Guide
 Levers Teacher Guide  14.99€ 
Levers. Mini Set
 Levers. Mini Set  24.95€ 
Mechanisms Pneumatics Add-On
 Mechanisms Pneumatics Add-On  89.99€ 
Pole Reversing Switch
 Pole Reversing Switch  16.95€ 
Pulleys Teacher Guide
 Pulleys Teacher Guide  14.99€ 
Renewable Energy Activity Pack
 Renewable Energy Activity Pack  49.99€ 
Renewable Energy Add-On Set
 Renewable Energy Add-On Set  144.95€ 
Renewable Energy Set
 Renewable Energy Set  260.99€ 
Simple & Powered Machines Set
 Simple & Powered Machines Set  204.95€ 
Solar Panel
 Solar Panel  64.99€ 
Wheels and Axles Teacher Guide
 Wheels and Axles Teacher Guide  14.99€ 
Wheels and Axles. Mini Set
 Wheels and Axles. Mini Set  24.95€ 
World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO) Brick Set
 World Robot Olympiad™ (WRO) Brick Set  31.99€ 
Displaying 1 to 25 (of 25 products)Result Pages:  1 

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