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Make Science & Computing Come to Life

WeDo 2.0 makes primary school science and computing come to life through hands-on tasks, real-world projects, and relevant technology that engages pupils. Through project-based activities, pupils skills are enhanced across science, coding, engineering and technology.


Create More "Aha!" Moments at Key Stage 2

Teachers know that hands-on learning engages students at every level, sparks creativity, develops critical thinking skills, ignites career possibilities - and is just plain fun!

LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 brings to life 280 building elements that motivate students to collaborate, build, problem-solve, and explore, all while deepening their STEAM learning and developing 21st-century skills. The combination of physical LEGO bricks, standards-aligned activities, and intuitive block-based coding environment means that interactive, creative learning is easier than ever to achieve students can see their builds in action and test and refine their problem-solving skills!

The LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 Core Set, which includes 280 bricks, as well as sensors and motors, offers endless possibilities for making abstract concepts concrete by using tangible elements students can manipulate with their hands. Designed with collaboration in mind, each core set supports two students, introducing them to science, computational thinking, and engineering principles in a fun and engaging way.

Everything you need to build Confidence in the Classroom


Apps & Software

The intuitive, drag-and-drop programming and getting started activities make LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 simple to incorporate into a classroom. Available across multiple platforms and languages to get the most out of WeDo 2.0 in your classroom.


Lesson Plans

The guides and standards-aligned curriculum packs give you a head start, so you can jump right in to using LEGO Education WeDo 2.0. Flexible cross-curriculum solutions and UK curriculum aligned lesson plans mean you spend less time planning and more time catching those aha! moments.

Comprehensive lesson plans for science, engineering, maker, and Computational Thinking come in a range of challenge levels and in lengths from 30 to 120 minutes. Evaluation is made easy with a documentation tool and an assessment rubric built into the software.

Download Lesson Plans
For further information on LE site click here (in English).

Everything you need to build Confidence in the Classroom


What`s in the Box?

Every WeDo 2.0 Core Set is delivered in a sturdy, plastic storage bin that comes with a sorting tray and contains:

  • 280 LEGO system building elements
  • WeDo 2.0 Smarthub
  • Medium Motor
  • Motion sensor
  • Tilt sensor
  • Sticker sheet for labeling sorting tray compartments


Scratch compatibility

To combine playful hands-on experiences with creative coding exploration, you and your students can easily connect WeDo2.0 with the hugely popular and widely used Scratch 3.0 release from MIT. Click here for videos on how to get started.


WeDO 2.0 Products


Core Set

All you need to occupy 2-3 students. This 280-piece set includes an easily portable storage bin along with sorting trays, labels, a Smarthub, a medium motor, motion sensor and tilt sensor.

Spare Components

Please visit our LEGO Education support page to order replacement parts and components for WeDo 2.0. Our Creative Consultants will be on hand to advise on your exact requirements and how to order.