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Now you can calculate the cost of your virtual model! Now you can calculate the cost of your virtual model!

Partout your model

If you have constructed a virtual model, you can send its parts listing to check how much it will cost to construct your model in reality! If model was constructed using LDraw, you can export this file automatically and even add another parts you are interested in.

This file contains some heading lines and, after them, the description of each of the parts that have been used to construct it. Each of the lines in the file explains each of the parts that have been used in your model. Each line in the file contains next information:
  • Quantity of parts of this model
  • Color of part
  • Part code followed by ".DAT"
  • Part description
Each of previous fields has to be separated by a tab. In this manner, next small file will generate listing of 35 parts: 11 black of model number 3024, 11 white of the same model, and 13 white parts of model 3023:
Model: New Model (keys.ldr)
No. Color Part no. Part name
11 Black 3024.DAT Plate 1 x 1
11 White 3024.DAT Plate 1 x 1
13 White 3023.DAT Plate 1 x 2

Virtual models can include parts that do not exist in reality: perhaps because part is obsolote, perhaps because it does not exist in our color, or whatever. When sending the file you can find that there exist some part with zero price. It can be due to perhaps that part does not exist or perhaps we do not have it in stock.

It has no sense to manually generate previous file if it can be directly exported from the program in which you generated the virtual design...
Select the file of your virtual model:

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