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PLAYMOBIL - Dinos - 9429 - Hidden Temple with T-Rex  54.99€ 

Includes the Explorers figures, a UV torch (1 x AAA battery required) and a functioning laster blaster (batteries included) Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.1 x 13.4 in (LxWxH). - Includes the Explorers and many accessories. - With a UV flashlight that can be switched on and off with a button. 1 x AAA battery required. - Some of the accessories, including the ruin's crystal eyes, the jungle plant, and the test tube are made out of UV-active plastic. After illuminating them with the UV flashlight, these accessories continue glowing for a while in darkened rooms. - With functioning portcullis. By pressing the button at the top/front of the ruin, it can be closed and manually pushed upwards. - Pivotable laser gun with LED light, (2 button cell batteries 392-LR41 included); after pushing the button, it will start to flicker red. The light-up functioning will automatically power off after approx. 8 seconds. - With pivotable freight pulley. - Observation tower can be installed flexibly. - The treasure map reacts to heat. By rubbing the surface repeatedly, a map with a marked path becomes visible. - The leafs of the jungle plant can be closed. - The arms and legs of the T-Rex can be moved individually. The head can be bent downwards and the lower jaw can be opened.

Recommended for ages 4+

Age: 4+
Parts: 88
Minifigs Count: 2
Released: 2018
Product Size (cm): 51.5 x 38.5 x 9
Case Pack: 2
Batteries required: Yes
Batteries included: No
Number and type of batteries: 1x1,5V-AAA

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