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Make science come to life with WeDo 2.0

Put scientific discovery in your students´ hands

WeDo 2.0 builds on the innovative learning experience of the original platform by giving you a new brick set, improved technology and opportunities to meet science standards in a fun, engaging way. Complete with relevant, real-world projects, WeDo 2.0 takes science exploration out of textbooks and places it directly in the hands of your students.

Hands-on learning

WeDo 2.0 is designed for use on both desktop and tablet. This classroom-friendly technology can support you in making science lessons come to life.

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What´s new

WeDo 2.0 features wireless technology, a built-in Documentation Tool along with assessment rubrics for tracking student progress and a Design Library full of ideas and inspiration for creating project solutions. In addition, the core set features a programmable SmartHub, enhanced motors and sensors and an all-new line up of LEGO elements.

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Curriculum-based learning

WeDo 2.0 is based upon Next Generation Science Standards and creates the perfect environment for learning. Through the curriculum, students are tasked with defining and designing their own solutions - building confidence every step of the way.

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  WeDo WeDo 2.0
Devices Mac & Windows Mac, Windows, Android, Windows Tablet & Chrome
Documentation & sharing  

Documentation tool

Capture Tool

Connection USB connection Bluetooth (low energy
Storage Basic white plastic container Low, compartmentalized tray
Elements 158 elements 280 elements
Curriculum & Teaching Materials

Science, math, literacy, engineering & technology

Cross curricular activities including STEM and storytelling

12 activities

Science, engineering, technology & coding

Real world-projects built upon Next Generation Science Standards

1 Getting Started Project with 4 modules

16 projects

Design library

Teacher Support & Training

Teacher´s guide PDF

Face-to-face training

Navigateable teacher´s guide and toolbox

Face-to-face training

Online training course (2 versions)

Assessment   Assessment Rubrics